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Pu'erh Sample


A total game-changer for coffee addicts, our Pu’erh gives the infamous dark roast a run for its money. Designed to help you make big moves without the caffeine crash, jitters or anxiety, it offers energy that lasts all day (and you'll sleep like a baby at night).

Just cover $2 shipping - less than cuppa tea at Starbucks!

Organic Ingredients: Pu’erh Leaves

Tasting Notes: Earthy and epic.

Health Benefits: Increases energy while reducing stress.


1 tea sachets

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1 tea sachets

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Organic

No Artificial Flavors

No Bleaches

No Pesticides

Dirty Talk. There's bleach in your tea.

Most teabags are whitened with bleach and processed with a carcinogenic pesticide called Epichlorohydrin. Gross. We care about your body so our sachets are made of non-GMO corn fiber and our teas have no bleaches, pesticides or artificial flavors. No brainer.


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Autumn Greco

I love your concept and mission so much. As someone who drinks tea everyday, I love how you are building a collective around that. 


Natalie Held

you've combined two of my favorite things at Bon Temps- tea and women power! I'd love to be involved and get behind your vision. 


Mayowa Omogbenigun

I think it's amazing that your company wants to invest in women. I know many women who are amazing, do amazing work and need support. 


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