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From Ali and Will, The Founders.

“We believe in doing what you love, without having to stack up against other people’s expectations. Whether it’s big, like running for office, or small, like running a bath, we want to encourage women to say F-it to expectations and feel comfortable with their own version of happiness. At Bon Temps we call this Time Well Spent.”

Investing in Women’s Pursuits

Every month, we invest $1,000 cash directly in female pursuits of all shapes and sizes. Women should feel comfortable living life according to their own definition of success and happiness. Whether it’s putting on an art show or buying plane tickets to the net women’s march – our no-strings-attached grants were meant to help make it happen. Apply on @Instagram.

Investing in Wellness.

We used to drink lots of coffee (like, a lot). Switching to tea was a game-changer. Less anxiety. Energy without the jitters. Better sleep. Basically, a brand new us.

Investing in Women's Bodies.

Traditionally, tea bags are whitened with bleach and processed with a carcinogenic pesticide (!!!!!) called Epichlorohydrin (!?!?!) to prevent them from breaking. We avoid nasty chemicals by making our sachets out of non-GMO corn fiber. Avoiding artificial flavors was the easy part – we just use higher quality whole-leaf tea leaves in our sachets. Duh!

Free Money For Our Hunnies 🍯

$1000 cash to help you do more of what you love. Apply in less time than it takes to shave your legs.


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