We believe in sunsets, not serums.

In our world, living "well" is about enjoying life, not glowy skin or kombucha. We make beverages that will inspire you to slow down and enjoy the moments that bring you joy, daily. Every product is made with handpicked, organic ingredients and wrapped in beautiful, 1970s designs - because good living deserves good things.

Tea, the original face mask.

It's been the go-to natural elixir for thousands of years, and unlike expensive wellness products it restores more than skin-deep. For best effects on mind, body and soul: drink daily.

Wellness, uncomplicated.

Wellness is easier to achieve than companies want you to think. Ever had a bagel? Watched a sunset? Sat in a park? Listened to a great song over and over? Wellness unlocked! Our sips were made to complement those moments, helping you take in the simple pleasures of living well. No serums required.

Good living deserves good things.

One thing we'll never compromise on: quality. That means always organic, bleach-free tea bags and no artificial flavors. It's 2019, your tea should be clean.

Something to sip on.


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