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Tea Samples - Energy

Black Sample


Our Black tea boosts some serious creative vibes. Imagination flourishes, ideas become reality and ambitions enlarge. Best paired with strokes of genius, deadlines or dead ends.

Just cover $2 shipping - less than cuppa tea at Starbucks!

Organic Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves

Tasting Notes: Floral, robust. Morning dew.

Health Benefits: Improves focus, packed with healthy antioxidants. 



1 tea sachets

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1 tea sachets

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Organic

No Artificial Flavors

No Bleaches

No Pesticides

Dirty Talk. There's bleach in your tea.

Most teabags are whitened with bleach and processed with a carcinogenic pesticide called Epichlorohydrin. Gross. We care about your body so our sachets are made of non-GMO corn fiber and our teas have no bleaches, pesticides or artificial flavors. No brainer.


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Autumn Greco

I love your concept and mission so much. As someone who drinks tea everyday, I love how you are building a collective around that. 


Natalie Held

you've combined two of my favorite things at Bon Temps- tea and women power! I'd love to be involved and get behind your vision. 


Mayowa Omogbenigun

I think it's amazing that your company wants to invest in women. I know many women who are amazing, do amazing work and need support. 


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