The world’s first non-toxic + plastic-free tea collection.

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The world’s first non-toxic + plastic-free tea collection.

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These toxic chemicals have been hiding in your tea:

Plastic tea bags release billions of microplastic particles into your brew. Because they don’t break down, these microplastics accumulate in your body and in the environment over time.

Paper tea bags are whitened with bleaches, which causes toxic particles to steep in your cup. Bleached tea bags can’t be composted, causing over 1 million tons of landfill waste each year.

Many popular tea brands, even those labeled “organic”, were exposed by CBC to contain dangerous levels of pesticides, due to irresponsible sourcing and farming practices.

Ever wonder how traditional tea bags keep their form in boiling water? They’re treated with carcinogenic pesticides that stop them from turning into mush.

Popular tea brands use artificial or lab-produced “natural” flavors to enhance taste, so they can use cheaper tea leaves and lower-quality ingredients overall.

Corn tea bags mean non-toxic tea.

Not just a delicious side at your summer BBQ. We make our tea bags out of non-GMO corn because it eliminates the need for plastics, bleaches, pesticides and carcinogenic agents. Better for you, better for the planet.

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