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Tea for womankind.

No bleaches, pesticides or artificial flavors.

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We invest in women, their pursuits and their bodies.

We believe in doing what you love and enjoying the moments along the way, without pressure or expectations. That's why proceeds of every purchase go into our female investment fund, to support women who are doing what makes them happy.

Yikes, bleach.

Most teas are whitened with bleach and processed with a carcinogenic pesticide called Epichlorohydrin. Sorry, what? It's 2018, we think tea should be clean, so ours are:

  • Organic
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Bleaches
  • No Pesticides

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"I think that it’s amazing that your company wants to invest in women. I know many women who are amazing, do amazing work and need support."



"I love this so much and am totally on board! Beautiful tea. Beautiful branding. Beautiful message. Yes!!"



"You’ve combined two of my favorite things at Bon Temps– tea and women power! I’d love to be involved and get behind your vision."



"First off I just want to mention that I love everything you brand stands for. You have an amazing mission and the branding looks great as well."

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